Barbara’s Story

Shortly after giving birth to my first child in a nurturing and safe environment, I started meeting more and more women who were not at all happy with their births. Why did these women feel so disconnected or even frustated about their experiences?

I realized that all I had done differently was to find birthworkers whose ideas about childbirth were in line with my own. This meant changing an ob/gyn whose opinions on birth and midwives was contrary to mine. It meant securing a birth team and location early on.

Did I have easy births? Not really! But I could completely rely on the people present at my births to help me have my four children naturally.

I became a doula because I am determined to help women achieve satisfying birth experiences.


Barbara of “Vienna Doula Services” is a Certified DiA (“Doulas in Austria”) doula and has been practicing since 2013.

Barbara’s other roles in life include mother, wife to an American husband,  activist, networker, and caretaking daughter.

Her roles in her professional environment are that of a practicing lawyer, supervisory board member and data protection officer.

DiA (“Doulas in Austria”) is the non profit organization teaching and certifying doulas in Austria. DiA Members must submit to the organization’s Ethics Code.

To learn more visit: http://doula.at/.

DiA is also a Member of the European Doula Network (EDN).