Inner Strength

Dear Barbara, I want to thank you many times for your support during my pregnancy but especially during birth! Right from the beginning I have felt comfortable with you and well taken care of. You have shared my views and wishes regarding natural birth and could give me important tips and advice. To have you by my side has boosted my inner strength and my self-confidence, so that I could implement my wishes during birth. Because of the birth plan that we created together, I had a clear concept of what I did and did not want. But you still always supported my decision even if I ended up changing my mind during birth. I just knew that you had my back at all times which gave me a feeling of security. To be able to only concentrate on myself but to know that I could always call on you for support was an unparalleled experience. The calm experience that you eminate has increased my trust in the natural birth process. Now, looking back at my birth I can say that it was truly a one of a kind experience. Strenuous but still beautiful. Thank you that you have been a part of it!
A., May 2019


Sweet Card

J., new Austrian Mother, September 2018



“Good Morning Barbara! I just want to say thank you soooooooo much again, that you exist, you are very very very special to me! To us!”

- Happy Pro Bono Client from Brazil, 2016


Pregnancy Meeting

“After our meeting we came back home sooo inspired to cook, work, plan. It was like you came to break a barrier we didn't notice was there.”

M., pregnant Brazilian Mom-to-Be after a Pregnancy Meeting 2018


Dad after Delivery

“Dear Barbara, many thanks for your kind and thoughtful messages, mama and baby are both faring very well. We have all managed to rest following Friday's grueling delivery. The little chap has started breastfeeding today. We hope that you too have had a chance to recuperate from the very long and intensive labour and birthing episode ; you did much of the ‘heavy lifting,’ for which both my wife and I are most grateful. Your presence made a very meaningful and tangible difference!”

N., A new dad, living in GB - 2016


Good Memories

“Liebe Barbara, danke nochmals für deine liebevolle Hilfe. Wir sind gut angekommen und haben die schöne Geburt im Kopf und sind froh, dass du dabei warst.”

Happy Austrian Dad, July 2018


Valued Services

“We are heading home today! If I had 10,000,000 Euros I would give them to YOU! But please come and snuggle Baby and visit amongst other things if you'd like!”

S., American Mommy, May 2017


Assert Yourself

“Barbara's presence was in itself deeply reassuring and allowed me to sit back and enjoy my birthing. She was able to ascertain from the midwife how my labour was progressing and gave me the confidence to listen to my body.”

C, English Mum, October 2015